The Raiders Will be the Name

September 30, 2010
By Kate McLaughlin BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Kate McLaughlin BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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There was five short minutes left in the state basketball game.
The Raiders wanted to win and be in the hall of fame.
The game was extremely intense but they were down by two.
The Raiders got the ball back quick but did not know what to do.//

Jill was about to shoot but at the last second got hit.
She got to shoot just two foul shots on the bright side of it.
Everyone got quiet and all eyes were watching her shoot.
No one was talking and it was like the crowd was in mute.//

The ball released from her hands and everyone was awake.
The ball went right through the hoop like it was a piece of cake.
She had one shot left but the time was ticking on the clock.
Jill stodd there watching the time and her fans were all in shock.//

No one worried because she knew she would make the next one.
She was weak and sore and it looked like her arms weighed a ton.
The wild crowd pictures the ball going right over the rim.
There were hundreds of eyes staring at her in the large gym.//

As she got ready to shoot, all she heard was,"Shoot the ball!"
She stared at the basket and thought,"This hoop is very tall."
She was nervous but just closed. her eyes and took a deep breath.
And then she did not move and had a stare like it was death.//

"I just need to make this shot and my team will be in fame."
"Then everyone will remeber the Raiders are our name."
The time is running out, but the Raiders will win no doubt.
Then she stood there doing nothing like she had a black-out.//

She stepped up to the line quickly and smiled and waved.
Then slowly settled down and started to behave.
She had a strange look on her face that looked like she was scared.
Jill shot the ball and missed; she realized she was unprepared.//

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