Waiting in Line

September 30, 2010
By lalaLeAnna BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
lalaLeAnna BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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It was a sunny day at the local amusement park
I wanted to ride the tall rollercoaster through the dark
While waiting in line, I pictured what the ride would be like
I closed my eyes and saw myself riding along the pike

Over the distance, I heard a rider's very high-pitched scream
Watching the caoster, my eyes began to light up with gleam
The rollercoasters had twists and turns that went up and down
At the very tip-top you could see the entire town

I thought the line would move quickly, but I was proven wrong
In order to pass the time, I decided to hum a joyous song
Waiting seemed relentless, no matter what I tried to do
All the other patrons seemed to be very anxious too

As the sun began to blaze, kore patrons joined the long line
All this waiting made me mad, but I knew I would be just fine
Again I heard the friviolus screams and became annoyed
Every other rider seemed to be very overjoyed

Al, throught the line I heard various copmplaints and a groan
Just to make time fly, I decided to play with my phone
The wind began to blow which signaled it was half past noon
Suddenly a song popped in my head and I hummed that tune

Before I knew it, I was close to the front of the gate
One of the passangers commented,"Dude, that was so great!"
His comment made me want to go on the ride even more
Right then I remembered the forecast for the rain to pour

My heart had sank asd I felt a drop of rain on m,y head
"The ride is temporarily colsed!"the rider had said
A bunch of upset riders the began to walk away
The afternoon eneded up to be a waste of my day

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