Hidden Nothings

September 30, 2010
By Anonymous

We went to four other islands to
search for lost treasure/
My crew has been looking for a time too long to measure/
At Sustantivo Island we are not having much luck/
We have been stranded due to the storm and our ship is stuck//
No one has found this lost treasure since Captain Gil hid it/
It has two hundred gold pieces and my men will find it/
I have been captain of this crew nd have found most caches/
Now I cannot seem to find this one and it amazes//
We are walking towards the shore, a region unexamined/
And there is a mysterious lump of sand, I am stunned/
I quickly order my men to start digging in that spot/
They'll respond by getting their shovels and dig at the lot//
It takes ten men to dig the whole entire area/
Its been twenty minutes with no avail, even scarier/
An hour passes and they say "Let's just give up captain"/
I holler at them no and say not to stop the action//
They all continue to dig, getting more and more restless/
I choose to give them a break, but I became too anxious/
I grab a shovel and start to eagerly plow strongly/
I get closer and closer to what i hope is wealthy//
Then all of a sudden I reached something solid and firm!/
I call out to my men to come help me get it out/
We all grab on to it and pull out a heavy chest/
My men and I found Captain Gil's lost treasure of the West!//
We try prying it open but we do not prosper/
I quickly become frustrated and unleash my anger/
Kicking the chest over and over it tumbles open/
I rush over to be dissapointed with a bare bin//

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