What A Day

September 30, 2010
By Anonymous

That day I was supposed to go to the first football game./
When I was waiting to get there, it was really super lame./
When I was waiting for my mom to get home, all I did was moan./
And whoever tried to talk to me, I made an angry groan.//

As I waited and the clock ticked and tocked, it felt like hours/
When I waited, my impatience felt like I was choking on flour./
I know it felt like forever and ever when I was waiting./
After all it wasnt my mom's fault cause I was just hating.//

She said she will be home in the next five minutes, really soon./
As i continued waiting I saw the bright lighted moon./
I was just extremely frustrated that I was screaming./
But when I got tired, I was about to start dreaming.//

Everyone was already there, so I gave up soon as for./
But as soon as I was done changing my mom walked in the door./
I paniced and changed back into my clothes and got ready to go./
I got in the car with my friend and went to go see it show.//

We got there and sat on the bleachers and went to go watch./
It was going pretty well and we were cheering up a notch./
My friend was so into the game that she was screaming their names./
I was sitting there watching the game, and waiting for what came.//

It was fast and unexpected, our best player was knocked down./
The crowd was super shocked and most of the people had a frown./
The best player was seriously injured and had a bad foot./
The looks on peoples faces were angry and dissapointed looks.//

All this time, I was angry and impatient to go here./
I was kind of dissapointed and almost shed a tear./
I hope Im not as grumpy as i was earlier today./
Maybe next time, I will be different and have a happy day.//

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