Stinky Stinks

September 30, 2010
By Barney BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Barney BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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there is and i in team

It was suppose to be a terrific tuesday/
But it was more of a terrible doomsday/
There once was a kid named Stinky/
He was tall black and lanky//

Stinky was being his normal self-tall black and lanky played football/
Stinky didnt look like an average football player he was more of a goofball/
Stinky lost a game for his team in the last quarter/
Coach mad as can be is yelling "Get off my team and just go have a daughter!"//

It all started with the Tigers winning twelve to nothing with a quarter left to play/
In south plainfield it was a beautiful day/
It was the mighty Tigers versus the red and black Trojans/
No one could predict how the game would come to a closing//

There was about five minutes left the Trojans had the ball/
The Tigers thought it was over the Trojans no chance at all/
The Trojans called a time out one more trick up their sleeves/
The unsuspecting Tigers were busy looking a trees//

The Trojan quarterback threw to a teammate a foot from the sideline/
The reciever caught the ball and threw it on a dime/
Another Trojan caught the ball and it was a touchdown/
It was over Stinkers head. The Tigers knew to keep their heads up and not covered in dread//

Everyone in the crowed is chanting "stinky stinks Stinky syinks" and yes he was Stinking"/
The crowed approaches Tinky and he said "sorry i was blinking/"
Like i said instead of a terrific tuesday it was a Horrific Doomsday

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