The Tigers Vs the Trojans

September 30, 2010
By mike vella BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
mike vella BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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It was a rainy day as the Tigers approached the field/
The Bishop Ahr Trojans all started to yield/
the Tigers and trojans both went to thier sides/
And the game started fast like rides//

The Trojans won the toss and received the ball/
And the south plainfield Tigers started to hall/
The very first play went into position/
As the Tigers started the big competition//

The First quarter passed with the score almost tied/
And the best Trojan player was pretty much fried/
Everone knew that coach foscollo was mad/
And this was because the trojans were bad//

The best Trojan player was out of the game/
This was because the tigers put him to shame/
it was malikes turn to throw the ball/
but our receiver robert adams was not to tall//

we were half way through the game with the score down by five/
But everyone of the south plainfield tigers wanted to thrive/
malik had to make a very big play/
but no one knew any way//

The coaches told him to run a jet sweep/
coach foscollo knew the trojans would weep/
our center sam snaped the ball/
and the trojan defence started to mall//

There was but one play left in the game/
and the trojans thought it was getting lame/
malik through the ball to robert and hoped to win/
but robert dropped it and started to sin//

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