The Great Miss

September 30, 2010
By Shannon Hughes BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Shannon Hughes BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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It was hot and sunny on the turf that bright Friday.
The score was 3 to 4, while the Tigers had nothing to say.
Sadly, 3 minutes showed on that big and bright green clock.
SP was losing, even though Nellie had her lucky sock.

The only way to score was to get that ball.
But the other blue team had it all.
Once the whislte blew, the Tigers were very intense.
We just needed to play amzing

The big and blue team had started to play.
We really neeeded are fans top start cheering "HOORAY!"
Our mission was to score that goal, so we could tie it up/
Our coach had yelled "time out!" and Nellie drank the water in her cup.

Coach explained "You guys really need to change sides of the field".
"Play defense like all you girls are a steal shield".
Ounce coach had finished, everyone ran back out.
Not on of our players dared toi have a single pout.

After the whislte blew, a fan cheered out, "Go Nellie! Number 5!"/
The blue forward started the game, with a great, big drive.
One of our girls was able to stop it, and bring it up.
She passed it right to Nellie, who was know to be very tough.

Nellie had used many dodges, to get closer to that goal.
Every Sp fan knew she would score, they just needed a soul.
The clock would show thirty seconds on there.
Nellie was going so fast, it seemed she was in the air.

At least, Nellie had got to the other teams defense.
All the people that were there, all became very tense.
The great Nellie was able to do the prettiest pull and the prettiest scoop.
It was hotter then homade soup.

All she had to do was a little push to score, then the game would be tied.
At that very second, all the fans were proud to be on the Tigers side.
But, Nellie should not have jumped up and celebrated too quickly.
THat made her ball go to the side, directly!

Oh, the feeling of winning is what players live for.
But the feeling of losing makes the players, want no more.
All the fans, all the players, and all the coaches knew what would happen if the ball went to pst.
When the SP scoreboard had buzzed, the Tigers chances of winning was toast.

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on Oct. 16 2010 at 8:06 am
cgustafson123, Ellsworth, Maine
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you have a lot of spelling errors, but other wise, it is very good=]


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