The Ticket

September 30, 2010
By danielVargas BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
danielVargas BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I was walking home one day alone and by myself/
I imagined in my head, a happy little elf/
I was nearly home when i spotted something shiny/
It looked square and odd, and it was not very shiny//
I was a lotery ticket, not scratched in the least bit/
I picked it up, then looked around, then I loked at it/
It said, "Grand Prize One Million Dollars!" I wanted to win/
I ran home and told my dad, i didn't know where to begin//
H gave me a dime, a new one witch shined like the sun./
I took it and kissed it for good luck, as i had begun/
I scratched them off one by one, it was great and very fun/
I was half way done, and my mom was cooking rice//
I finished the card and Ihad won the second most prize/
I added them all up, looked at it, and then I realized/
my dad and Iwere overjoyed at the thought of what Ihad won/
We screamed aloud, as loud as we could, ONE THOUSAND BIG ONES!//
I felt so excited and told my dad to get his key/
We drove th the store, the one where they sell groceries/
We have a problem, isadi as I thought to myself/
All the lights were off, and there was nothing on the shelf//
So we drove across town, luckily this one was not closed/
We walked up to the door and it was not even closed!/
We handed the clerk the ticket and boy was I tired/
"I am so sorry sir" said the clerk, "but this ticket has expired!"//
I was shocked and so was my father, I didn't know what to say/
I had nothing to say, so i just simply said, "okay"/
My dad said to me, "It's okay, we can win next time."/
But i wasnt sad, I said, "At least I got a dime!"

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