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September 29, 2010
By teenagemutantme BRONZE, Ilwaco, Washington
teenagemutantme BRONZE, Ilwaco, Washington
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How can I love, a heart so dried up
For someone who meddles with death
A grim reeper, soul keeper, and broken heart reader
A love that is ever so dead

And your lifeless grin, is nothing but sin
As you sit under a tree with no leaves
You whistle away, a song you've betrayed
An honest shopkeeper is its own thief

You make your own time, as everyone falls behind
You play games with your sinister eyes
I've never felt worse, under a loving curse
But love can be Hell in disguise

You hypnotize, as you speak your lies
You make the worst of things enchanted
I'm a class fool, in your bloodless school
Inside I am ever so haunted

I've never wanted, to be so taunted
By someone who I fell for
But there's a time, to end this rhyme
As you will hit the floor

For all the games you've played, and the love in vain
For all who have died in your name
You will face your fear, as you die on this year
Next to I, as we will pass the same

You're mechanical, diabolical
But there's only one made for me
Like Bonny and Clyde, will make the wrong right
And escape to a place where only we can see

It's upsetting and regretting, to be forfeiting
But can I love someone I hate?
It's all right, we'll be fine, as we both pass on this night
Because nor you or I can change fate

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