September 26, 2010
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I only wish we had more time,
To discover the beauty of the world hidden by the lies and grime,
I wish I could have spent more days,
Holding your hand as we watched the waves,
To run around, not caring what anyone thinks, simply enjoying life,
Having so much fun, there was no time for strife,
Loving the looked over wonders of the world,
The simplicity of a rose, as you have it so tenderly in your hold,
Letting the sun dance on the crimson petals,
As you stare at their beauty with such pride it is as if you’ve won a metal,
Because being able to stop the world, and be at peace with everything,
Is so blissfully perfect, it’s as if you’re in a dream,
So, I say again with a wistful sigh,
I only wish we had more time,
To love, and be loved,
By everyone,
For your beauty is dearly missed, but not forgotten,
So, till we meet again,
I shall still wish I had more time, to be with you, my friend.

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