Cirque de Marionnette

September 25, 2010
Beneath the tent
Behind the ring
Death and darkness lurk.
Beneath the tent
the golden tent
there is the puppet cirque

Ignorant of the horrors beneath
wicked and insane
people smile, laugh, and screech
puppets in his game

enter the tent and see his face
every way you turn
you cannot flee from his looming smile
you cannot win this race

he tempts the souls with fame and wealth
ne'er showing them what's real.
playing with minds, making them his
relief is all they feel

the rings spin round
faster, faster
lifting their feet from the ground
deceiving their eyes, taking their souls
no one will ever be found

beware of this tent
this golden tent
where this demon lies in wait
for the innocent soul
and the pure of heart
to twist and control their fate

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