September 10, 2010
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Black waves crash against rocky shore,
Hinting at legend's lore,
of shipwrecked ships and sunken sailors,
Troublesome thieves, beggars, fakers

They tell of heroes, Dragons and war
that lead to victory – and more
Of All the tales that I could tell,
listen here, and listen well

Of one brave prince, and faithful steed
who chased a crook, and took no heed
of the warnings of beggars of Old
found the general in the hold

of the fabled Ghost ship
riding on the waves, the one sail a'rip
the rope broke loose from the land
And the ship strayed, with no clever hand

To guide it safely back
as prince and general, - they hack
blindly in the Gloom of the hold
the horse had drowned, his flank turned cold

A storm had arrived with haste,
it's roaring rain went to waste
on the battling general and prince,
they continued their fight, and since

There was no one at work
of taking the ship through the murk,
the ship was blown to the jagged shore
it's passengers unaware of their fated gore

The ship crashed against the stone
the occupants landing with a moan,
The royal court, to the beach they did hasten
And the Prince lay, his last breath Taken-

Black waves crash against rocky shore
hinting at legend's lore
of shipwrecked ships and sunken sailors
Troublesome thieves, beggars fakers-

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