Love Is The Crime

September 7, 2010
God, I tried so hard
I pushed myself so far
And now I’m right back at the start
No hand to hold and a broken heart

And when the day comes to a close
And the words in my head beg to be known
I close my eyes and let them all go
The fall on the paper in near-perfect flow

Trying and trying to capture them right
Working right well into the lonely night
The stars start to twinkle in the shining, black sky
And I start to cry as I wonder why

To know who I am, but have other’s doubt
I sit as they tell me what my life’s about
My ears start to ring, I fade in and out
My tongue starts to bleed from biting back shouts

Giving up is all that I’ve got
And I try to remember all that I’ve lost
I think of this tangle in which I am caught
Love was the crime, pain is the cost

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123456 said...
Sept. 23, 2010 at 9:19 pm
Nicely written! I like the imagery in the last few stanzas
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