Forever Alone

September 1, 2010
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I sit on the floor and watch you pass you, you don't even turn your head.
You have the choice to look at me, but you continue to walk instead.
Oh how I wish that you would someday notice and talk to me.
But that is an impossible wish for I must be a disgrace to see.

For every time I sit alone, I soon start shaking,
For I have lost the count of times my heart has been breaking.
I had you right beside me but you're gone and I finally know,
You did not care about me, you were just putting on a show.

Every day I think of you saying how could this be,
I call you guys my best friends, now look at what you've done to me.
I never thought it would be this hard, but you stabbed my soul with a knife,
My inner self will never be the same, for now I am scarred for life.

Now every night I will lie in bed and cry till I am sleeping,
My inner soul never rests for it is always weeping.
The tears that always roll down my face never seem to cease,
I keep asking myself, will I ever be at peace?

I wish I could understand, this really isn't fair;
That day you left I finally said, why should I ever care?
But the truth be told I miss you so much, it's almost uncontrollable;
At frist my life was good, but now it seems so horrible.

You will never truly apologize, because really you don't care;
Why should you have to worry about that boy all alone over their.
He will never amount to anything, he is just a misfit on this earth;
Almost close to nothing is all that he is worth.

To hear these words coming from a person I called a friend,
I guess I can only assume our friendship has come to an end.
No longer will I be able to see your bright and cheerful face.
You left me with nothing, nothing at all, for me to embrace.

Now I am all alone of almost every hour of every single day;
I have no one to call a friend unless they are made of clay.
Never again will I be able to have a bright and cheerful grin;
Ever if I try to smile, it feels like a deadly sin.

All of a sudden, a flash happens in my mind;
I see all of us together, friendship that is hard to find.
We are laughing oh so much, the reason I can't remember;
But why does this all matter, when this is now and that was last September.

Now all because of what you did I can't even walk down the hall,
For I see so many people I soon begin to bawl.
I see so many people laughing and smiling with each other,
I soon become jealous for I have no one to call a brother.

Don't even say that you feel what I am going through;
You would never truly understand, but only if you knew.
I have tried almost everything to get back on my feet,
But every time I try something new, it always ends in defeat.

I want to say good-bye forever, I don't want you in my life;
The things you have done to hurt me with, feel like a stab from a knife.
This pain I have suffered has lasted way to long, this has to come to and end;
But it is way to hard to say good-bye, since you were my best friend.

Even though times have past and you are no longer my friend,
I have come to realize through this struggle, this is not my end.
I have better things to do in my life than wasting time waiting for you;
You're gone, you've changed, you do not care, there's nothing I can do.

My new best friends aren't like you, ocming and going like the tide;
They love me for who I really am, and they'll never leave my side.
For now I have friends who care for me, they claim me as their own.
And now that I have these true best friends, I will never be "Forever Alone".

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SydneyS. said...
Sept. 21, 2010 at 6:59 am
This is really good. You're a great writer. Keep it up
WritersBliss18 said...
Sept. 20, 2010 at 8:41 pm
I really like the simplicity of this poem. Good work.
LovesGodsChildren replied...
Sept. 20, 2010 at 9:31 pm
A powerful poem...overcoming teen angst, and moving forward....
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