Your Painted Mask

August 13, 2010
By KristinMonika SILVER, San Martin, California
KristinMonika SILVER, San Martin, California
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“I love writing. I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.” —James Michener

Echoes shatter like crushed glass,
Forced to reveal the painted-on mask,

It's never been easy to see things through,
But I guess this time it's just 'cause of you,

Car horns and cop sirens squeal in the night,
Heart never wanted to see this damn light,

Crashed upon an island where fingers cringe,
Where privacy's created just for you to infringe,

Abandoned and scarred, we're meant to survive,
What keeps our breaths going is what keeps us alive,

Climbing rocks 'til we scab up our knees,
Scaling forests of uncharted mountains and trees,
We do what we want and we want what will please,

We thrive on the pain others bear and we don't,
You say we'll back down, Well I say that we won't,

Willpower don't get you too far from this scene,
Pollution will turn this blue sky into green,
Minds too polluted to ever be clean,
You flaunt what I hate, dirty/vulgar and so obscene,

Stranded forever 'til you bring me back,
Endangered and frightened by fatal attack,

It's always a matter of seeing you again,
But until then,
I'd like to pretend,

That echoes will fall like shattered glass,
And you'll be forced to reveal your painted-on mask.

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