Equine Calling

August 18, 2010
The dark, the dawn, the noon, the day,
They all whisper to me in their own way.
With a wind as sweet as a summer sky,
I feel like I can grow feathers, leap up, and fly!
Though I am pinned to the ground, my imagination runs off with me.
And while it runs, I feel like I am free.
Which of God's creatures breathes with the land?
Why, of course, the horse, you understand!
Give me hooves to steer me toward my dreams,
Give me a whinny to vocalize my inner screams.
Let my hair dance and kiss the breeze,
For many moments, time would just freeze!
I want my tongue to taste the air,
A toss of my head and skip to my step, is it so wrong to add your own flair?
Therefore, I yearn to be,
Mounted on a precious steed, feeling his or her energy.
To feel the bunch and release
Of the muscles underneath, is what I want, please.
Give me a tail that will ripple and wave like a banner in the wind,
I tremble with the needs of accomplishment,
I feel the equine calling.

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