Silence is Nonexistent

August 17, 2010
By Haley Robinson SILVER, Cary, North Carolina
Haley Robinson SILVER, Cary, North Carolina
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To sit in an empty solstice
is impossible as you have thoughts
that trickle and scream
the colors of bright and bold
and that first seem mean.

Empty mind;
mind free from color
a white board in disguise…
a clever color
a simple demise
a world left without design.

Potential is potent
as the energy that churns it
the things that whirl it
for the ears that wish to have heard it.

Embrace to untrace
sources of origin
the things that ask “why”
as creativity mourns it
for nothing is really
worth the feeling
of not knowing where
things go before healing
and the film that unreels it.

Hear the heard
whisper a word
of comfort
of care
of a dreary nightmare
that makes life seem fair
to those that dare.

Stand up and face the world
to jump from the ground
to make sound;
it doesn’t matter if loud
just hold strong
and fear not
to make a wrong
even made of complicated twists and turns
it’s those things
that the world beneath your wings

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