You know things change

August 11, 2010
By Anonymous

I like the sound of our heartbeats in line
With the sun, and the air, and the breeze, and the tide
And as much as you run, I hope you won’t hide
Tomorrow, forever, with you by my side.

The promises, you swear you’ll keep
(But still I fear I’m in this too deep)
That if only I’m willing to leap
You’ll stay in touch till our final sleep

And I like the way you call me at night
And the way when we talk, we never fight
But I’m scared because this only feels right
When you are close by, or at least in my sight

Like when you travel to visit your dad
And every time you call, I’m so glad
But when I call you, you only sound sad
And it hurts me to think of a friendship gone bad

But then you come home then everything’s good
Back in my sight, in our neighborhood
And we laugh and we talk like two best friends should
You promise me you’d love more if you could

Recently though, things have gone wrong
So I write the words I can’t find in our song
We haven’t spoke in two days too long
I’m scared cause I can’t say what’s going on

All that I know is I’m changing a lot
Not cause of this, cause I want to look hot
And It’s bringing me down, since I know that I’m not
I’m sad and I’m scared, crying like I’ve been shot

But I’m not the person you want me to be
I’m no longer joyful, no longer carefree
The old girls gone, why can’t you see?
The sadness has come, and now this is me.

I think I’d be better, please just hear me out
When I tell you my problems, I’d rather you shout
Then have you go silent, hang up or pout
Our friendship is one thing I don’t want to doubt

Still it’s awkward on the phone, and even face-to-face
I’m wondering, is all of life simply one big race
And we can’t stay together through this change of pace

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