The Life Beneath a Smile

August 18, 2010
Appearing to have it all together, to everyone but myself,
for I was the one searching for a peace not contained within thy self. 
So many things I stored inside
pain, tears, and heartache less and less easier to hide.
It's amazing how many never really knew 
only me, myself, and God understood what all I'd been through.
Obtained comfort in being any and everybody's hero 
not realizing that such comfort drained me well below zero.
Never taught that I didn't have to bear it all on my own
an epiphany way late, for the bad habit had been sown.
Open wounds hidden beneath the exterior
continuing to ache and make me feel inferior. 
Through trials seeming to have no tribulation,
God was my doctor with a prescription lacking expiration. 
The life beneath a smile can harbor so much pain,
but with God, you learn that true joy comes even when it rains. 

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