August 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Forks of lightning illuminate the world
For just one second
Blue, electric, burning fire
-A roaring lion preys on weaklings.

Gleaming, beaming; so fulfilling
Stars dont cry, but heavens do blaze
Fury upon the world, fury upon the hate
Existentialism at its fullest- we are nothing
You, are nothing.

Muddy waters ripple and splash
-aimlessly, around men shooting to and fro
Their surface numb and lost are their reasons
I look upon them and smile in shame.

I believe 'twas a split second after which I did see
A fairy of a kind, or was it a pixie?
Floated and hovered- a relentless ghost.
A scintillating phantom by my bedside table
A glittering hoax?

A companion in my solitude,
A Lone lingering visitor
Eclipsed all that is bitter,
eclipsed all that is grey
An untouched aerial
-a virgin figurine,
Spraying glitters over mine own bed!

Sparkle Sparkle, a pretty illusion
I'm aware of it and it's aware of me.
'Cry not, Sparkle. Laissez faire.
Let it be, Sparkle. I love you truly.'
I durst say utter another word
She looked at me with eyes of a demon.

Glare at me, eyes of fire
Glare back, a long-lost sheep
Fluttered its wings and never did it return
Back to me.

The glitters on my bed like a million small diamonds
'Laissez faire,' leave it be.
Outside the world hidden beneath the clouds
Thank the stars I am aware,
Thank the stars I dont care
There goes my pixie- I hardly knew thee.

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