Lighthouses: A Tale of Romance

August 11, 2010
You captured me in a frenzy sea
breaking through time and space and into ocean waves
I heard a voice
Calmly assuring a safe return
and in the wake of my confused daze
I heard a voice up on the stage

a pretense of something I'd felt long before I was alive
I knew what needed to be done
Shaking violently through the storm
I realized our case was long from the norm
but simply a prospect of something much larger than life
I could not think of a greater price

You took in me in despite the fear in my eyes
Protected me when I knew nothing
Though the water may have been shallow,
the fish that I found had never lost it's gleam
Nostalgic and cliche as it may have seemed
It was far from make believe

So to this day, I send my love through a bottle
to remind myself of my guardian angel of the sea
though many men will never see the light through the dark clouds
I'll always know there's more to life than just being proud
and I'll remember the voice that broke through the crashing sound

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