Hide & Seek

August 3, 2010
Remember when
hide and seek was just a game?
The children got together
and it was the only thing they played?
The got to choose the rules
and decide when they were done;
oh, if I could go back,
back to being young.
Now hiding is more serious,
because you can't get caught;
you'll lose all you have worked for
and everything you've got.
And while you're hiding there,
you're scared,
even though you know what's right.
You do all you can and so much more
to keep from out of sight.
But that's just not the way it goes,
you're bound to get discovered.
And despite all of your efforts
the truth becomes uncovered.
And as you hang your head and cry,
you wish life were a game.
But you've grown up and life goes on
and nothing is the same.

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