Through the Window

June 21, 2010
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I was lying on my bed, just reading a book
When I decided to take a break and look
Up from my book and out into the night
Through the window, where I saw the moon so bright

That’s when I saw her standing there –
A very young girl with very long hair
She just stood there, staring at me
With frightening eyes that showed no glee

Suddenly I rose from my bed
With nervous thoughts running through my head
About what I should say to this little girl
Who may not even be from this world

But before I could manage to say a word
She was crawling through the window, perching like a bird
On the window sill next to my bed
And I wondered, Is she alive or is she dead?

So I stood there, scared, not sure of what to do
When her eyes turned to red from blue
That made me so terrified I wanted to scream
But my voice would not work, it did seem

My heart was beating like a drum
Yet I managed to ask her where she was from
She did not reply in response to me
Instead, she crawled back outside in flee

She started to run away from the house –
Quietly running, as quiet as a mouse
Only once did she turn back to glance
At me, as if it was my last chance

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