July 17, 2010
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The storm’s building, the clouds are here.
Inside the dark tempest is what I love and hate to fear.
Close the windows, and shut the door.
Before the rain starts to pour.

The sky is black, outside the glass each tree shakes-
And I don’t know what it takes.
Every breath should calm my rushing heart.
But my mind is racing going through each part.

The storm keeps on coming, the grey keeps on swirling, and I’m still stuck in the middle.
I don’t know how to stop the downpour- I feel so little.
No one can rescue me now-
No princes- only I know how.

It’s all so real.
I guess that’s just part of the deal.
But everyone’s getting hurt so fast,
Am I the last?

I want to dance and twirl with the tempest.
But I’m afraid of it’s power- I’m getting put to the test.
How do I know before I try?
I just don’t wanna say good-bye.

The walls are getting closer; doors are slamming open.
Be careful what you wish for. But just for once I’m hopin’
This wish comes exactly true.
And I’m also hopin’ for you.

But storms don’t answer wishes- I’ll have to wait.
I’m gonna jump into the turmoil I love to hate.
I’ll fight ‘till the very end,
And wait to mend.

Who knows? Maybe on some sunny day I’ll see you.
When everything’s anew.
And the rays will sparkle, uniting us.
Who knows? Maybe the world will see.

But I love the rain-
It washes away all pain.
Nothing is so exhilarating as dancing through the grey.
Singing and yelling and laughing everything you want to say.

I don’t know about our fairytale- all I know is that it isn’t over yet.
I don’t regret the day we met.
I love the light; whether it’s through the grey or the blue.
But I’m tired of looking out the window alone too.

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