Memories in the Sand

June 14, 2010
By Skitty_Kiddy16 SILVER, Rapid City, South Dakota
Skitty_Kiddy16 SILVER, Rapid City, South Dakota
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The mist descends upon me like medicine every time I think of you
I remember words, years, expanding on moments I wish not to forget
It's a heavenly breath of air to remember the seconds we compared
The times we weren't afraid of the future, when all we lived for was one another
When summers sang of soothing rain and we'd dance beneath the thunderstorms
Fear was imaginary and life was more captivating to us
Impenetrable barriers protected us from the hard truth
We were blinded by our love
only now can we feel that winter chill that broke the pact
I dreamed so much, you turned to dust
And our engagement had pieced itself into the sand
sand; it crumbles much like you and I
My heart used to cry from time to time but now I hold onto a simple rhyme
A rhyme can't break or wither
a rhyme can last forever without the gull to dither
But I am old and with time, I'll forget
yet my ability to love is something I won't regret

The author's comments:
I cannot recall why I wrote this but at this moment in time, it's something I think many can relate, including myself. Everyone has had somebody they loved fall away and it's not certain why it had to happen. I think this poem captures what it feels like years later after the initial pain is gone, and all you have are your memories.

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