Draft of the Mind War

June 21, 2010
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Draft of the Mind War

Join the Draft,
Draft of the Mind war.
Because in this fight,
You will know what you are fighting for.

SO join me now,
Join me in this cause.
Come with me,
Make your mind out loud.

We fight obstacles,
Not People, our brothers.
We conquer the impossible,
With the help of others.

Without you and I,
How is this war to be won.
Without you and I,
Our Power will be gone.

So this is not a war of death,
But a War of defeating what is wrong.
A War where you will need your breath,
To defeat one and move along,
And conquer the Next Wrong.

SO join me now,
JOin me in the draft.
Make you mind out loud.
It is all that i Ask.
This is no simple, not impossible,
But a massivee task,

Being Realistic,
Peace is not real,
Peace cant be done.
But I am a Humanist,
And i say Peace exists,
To who ever says this.

No more death by War.
No more loss of loved ones.
No more destruction of homes.
No more disappearance of who we long for.

This is not a war.
This is for using Thought.
This is not a fight.
This is persevering what we have left.
what we both got.
This is a Draft of the Mind War

Dont be Mislead by "War" alone,
for this is a Mind Draft.
Gathering of people,
Because we May Start Alone.
We may begin with high hopes,
Commence independently ,
But once you get a certain distance,
We will all see, that we cant do it on our own.

So join Me now,
What i and many before me have started,
For today i saw a flash of the future, a glimpse.
And what i saw something worth fight for.
Join me Please, in this, cause.

This is the beginning,
Begins as a personal Writing,
Becomes powerful so people i am gathering,
People ask what for?
and i tell them, Read this,
The words are mindful,
something you can't miss,
And if they continue to Ignore,

Read the Draft of the Mind War.

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