The Ballad of Bobby the Bird and the Bad Bubble-Gum Blowers

June 15, 2010
By MelissaSparks BRONZE, Nashua, New Hampshire
MelissaSparks BRONZE, Nashua, New Hampshire
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A violinist sat inside
A mountain chapel bare.
He let his music, beautiful and
Bright, ring through the air.

A bird was on the chapel roof.
He listened to the sound.
When suddenly his reverie
Was broken by a pound!

The noise was that of marching feet.
The birdie crouched, then froze.
The scent of grape and strawberry
Had reached his beaky nose.

The Bubble-Gum Blowers! He was doomed!
They’d use their gum to grab
Whatever creature that they found.
Each Blower ground a slab

Of forty pieces in his mouth.
They closed in on the church
And steadily each blower blew
A bubble. From his perch,

Our birdie, Bobby, watched the bubbles
Merging as they grew
Into a massive, sticky orb.
The birdie quickly flew

Into the chapel’s chimney top.
He landed without grace
Beside the violinist, in
His open velvet case.

The violinist whispered “Never
Fear” and shut the lid.
And so inside the violinist’s
Case the birdie hid.

At last with an almighty “Pop!”
The Blowers’ bubble burst.
The bird relaxed, relieved he’d been
Protected from the worst.

The violinist lifted up
The lid and set him loose.
The bird named Bobby chirped for joy
That he’d escaped the noose.

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