Dear Friend

June 16, 2010
By bmab2377 SILVER, Long Beach, California
bmab2377 SILVER, Long Beach, California
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Dear Friend,
I’m sorry you’ve been burdened
With emotion to much to bare
I know that they’re unreasonable
I know that it’s not fair

I know that you question it
But I don’t know “why you?”
I’m sorry that it’s a remaining shadow
Affecting everything you do

You want to protect us all with an act
The damage it’s caused, you hide
I’m sorry you’re trapped with these feelings
Unable to get off the "ride"

I’m sorry I feel helpless to it
Because there’s nothing I can do
I just sit as you get torn part
Wondering how I can help you

And though I don’t know what to do
Please know that I am there
Don’t misinterpret my silence
To think that I don’t care

And never say that you’re not you
‘Cause I know that you still are
Don’t say you’re only pieces
Because of this meaningless "war"

I’m sorry I have few words of comfort
And that I never seem to know what to say
But please know that you’re more than "remnants of my friend"
That will remain true. Always.

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on Aug. 1 2010 at 12:40 am
Omg, you are the next best poet! I love your poems! Amazing....

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