June 16, 2010
By bmab2377 SILVER, Long Beach, California
bmab2377 SILVER, Long Beach, California
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Just friends, just friends.
We’re just friends.

That’s what I keep telling myself
But if this is true
And that’s all we are
Why do I still think of you?

And why am I thrilled when I talk to you?
And why am I thrilled when you talk to me?
And why do I keep playing with the idea
Of what we can never be?

But when I actually think about it,
I mean, really think it through
I know we’re really just friends
And I know what I should do

I just keep telling myself

Just friends,
We’re just friends.

I ask myself, “Where did you even get the idea?
It makes no sense at all.
I see no reason behind it.
There’s none that I recall.”

Then why do I find myself looking around
Whenever you’re not here?
And why am I excited to be next to you?
What changes when you’re near?

And why do I find myself
Looking back when you walk away
And why must I restrain myself
From asking you to stay

And why is it so much more bearable
When you’re a part of my day
But I’ll have to stop questioning myself
Since I know it will all be okay


We’re just friends,
Just friends.

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on Jul. 21 2010 at 4:47 pm
nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
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I love all the questions.  This poem is easy to relate to, because everyone's been through it.  I like the confused tone of the poem, the torn feeling you get from it.  Good job.

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