Surprise Surprise

June 10, 2010
By softball6 PLATINUM, Humansville, Missouri
softball6 PLATINUM, Humansville, Missouri
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Poor little Bobby
Was teased all through school
By Brandon the Jock
He was buff
He was cool
Bobby had big glasses
And always wore a belt
Brandon had big muscles
And made the girls hearts melt
Bobby would go home
And sit in his room
All alone
On his bed
Hed lay and cry
"Why me" hed ask himself "Why"
15 Years passed
And Bobby moved away
His life waqs great
And he like it this way
He went from being
Teased all his life
To having
A dog, 2 cats, 3 kids and a wife
One day
Bobby got a paper in the mail
On the front page
It showed that Brandon went to jail
Surprise, Surprise
Some people never change
There is a line you musnt pass
And he did
He went beyong his range

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