The Hero of Gardale

June 13, 2010
By superpencil BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
superpencil BRONZE, Greenville, South Carolina
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Come one, come all and listen now
And hear this ancient tale
Of a clash of dark and light
And the Hero of Gardale

Gardale was a land at peace
Prosperous and free
Ruled by mighty King Volar
All trusted his lead

Until one day there came a wind
With evil in it’s wake
Shadow fell over the land
Umbramar was awake

Umbramar was the king of darkness
Ruler of the night
He desired the kingdom of Gardale
Evil was his plight

Darkness overtook Gardale
Covering the land
Good king Volar fell to shadow
Evil was at hand

Yet hope had not yet died out
For in times of old
There had been a prophecy
That spoke of a hero bold

The people waited for him to come
And free them from the night
Yet he did not appear
Not a trace of light

When all hope had then died out
And the Hour of Darkness was at hand
Bursting forth in glorious light
Was the hero of the land

The hero and his band of three
Fought against the night
He battled every evil force
Wielding blade of light
They came to Umbramar’s castle
Leading army of light
The battle began beneath the moon
To vanquish the night

The Hero and his band of three
Traveled through the night
To confront Umbramar
And bring him to light

In the Hero’s band of three
There was a courageous girl
Whom the Hero loved deeply
Rose, flower of the world

The other was a boy of wisdom
Who stayed behind to fight
Fighting away the darkest creatures
In the darkest night

The Hero and Rose had come
To find Umbramar’s lair
They searched every nook and crack
And climbed every stair

At last they came to the door
Leading to the room
Where Umbramar in shadow lurked
Plotting out their doom

The room was round and open, bare
Umbramar in it’s mid
Rose and the Hero then approached
For a courageous bid

Umbramar then rose up
And cast off his cloak
Revealing darkness underneath
Threatening to choke

The fight began lightning fast
They fought ‘round the room
Each side fighting to the death
To bring the other’s doom
The Hero’s fight was very brave
Courage in his stride
Though he was unaware
Rose was no longer at his side

Back and forth around the room
In an epic clash
Umbramar and the Hero
Parried every slash

The Hero gained the upper hand
Umbramar took some blows
He began to stagger and fall back
And the Hero rose

Delivering the final blow
The hero ran and lunged
Umbramar felt the piercing light
Into him it plunged

Umvbramar looked down at the blade
Through his heart up to the hilt
Blade of pure, blade of light
Before it darkness wilt

Umbramar vanquished, Gardale freed
And returned the light
The ballace had now been restored
Between day and night

The battle was a victory
But it came at a price
Rose, the flower of the light
Was caught in death’s vice

The Hero held her in his arms
A single tear fell from his eye
He stood, Rose held in his arms
For her in rest to lie

The teardrop landed on her face
And began to glow
Until the room was filled with light
And brighter it did grow
The light then faded and the Hero looked
And saw Rose was alive
As if death’s hand had never touched her
Never caught her in it’s vice

The tear had been a Tear of Light
Power over the dark
Power enough to vanquish death
Leaving not a mark

The battle done, the light had won
The heir to the throne was found
The other boy in the Hero’s band
And at once he was crowned

Rose and the Hero were then married
And moved to the country side
And lived happily together
Until they both died

The Hero’s sword was passed down
From father to son
Along with a warrior’s legacy
And destiny to be done

Gardale calls upon the Hero’s sons
In her time of need
With blade of light faithfully they fight
Following the Hero’s creed

Umbramar is sealed away
Defeated by the light
Bound in shackles, kept at bay
From releasing night

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Big D said...
on Jul. 17 2010 at 10:38 am
Great work Superpencil!!!!

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