Los Angeles

June 10, 2010
By polinapolie BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
polinapolie BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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The first night in my college dorm
We’re telling our background stories
“So you’re the girl that’s from LA?
You must not have wanted to leave?”


I rushed to leave the city that
I never came to know at all
I lived in the same neighborhood
For years, oh God, I felt so small

I would walk down the boulevards
I never knew what I might see
A photo shoot, a homeless guy
It didn’t matter much to me

I felt for those who toured the streets
And gawked at different license plates
Of course the streets of Hollywood
Were roamed by those from different states

It fascinated them, the fame,
That comes with living in LA;
For those who lived there, however,
We all wanted to get away

The beaches couldn’t make us stay
We tired of the orange sunsets
The thrill was gone, for we all lived
The past four years with no regrets

Those streets are filled with memories
Of late nights with our friends
We didn’t know that leaving town
Meant all that had to end

The author's comments:
"What pieces of Los Angeles will you take with you when you leave for college?" my Creative Writing teacher asked my class. I'm in a senior English class that's on the verge of graduating, so my teacher asked us to write either an ode or a ballad to highlight what part of Los Angeles we were taking with us or leaving behind. This ballad is my response.

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