Daddy, Hurt Me

May 22, 2010
By Anonymous

Hurt me.
You act like I am a waste of a human being.
Silence sounds so much better than being alive,
especially after all of these tears I have cried.
I know by all the decisions you made,
and, Daddy, all the bad memories will not fade.
You chose her over me.
Honestly, you gave me no choice but to leave.
I am your daughter, and this should have been my home.
It is just too bad you left me all alone.
As my father, you should have always stood by my side.
I can run, but I cannot hide.
so like I said, hurt me.
'cus I just can't let it be.

The author's comments:
We all have those moments where we feel jealousy, like a loved one is choosing something/someone over ourselves. I wrote this after my dad got re-married. It dealt with a situation with my step-sister. The reason for "hurt me" is because I felt like I was at the point of being mentally hurt so much, that hurting more wouldn't make a difference.

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