Alone on a Rainy Day

May 22, 2010
By carnivalcolors SILVER, Fullerton, California
carnivalcolors SILVER, Fullerton, California
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A lonesome figure waits endlessly on a cold rainy day,
Staring into the forest mist with clouded eyes
A lifeless marionette with nothing left to say,
Dark thoughts occupy her mind as her ears ring with goodbyes.

A lost soul trying to find its way,
Her heart filled with cracks leftover from cruel lies
Hanging onto the lingering memories as a dying swan may,
Remembering the pain as she silently cries

Unwanted and unneeded like an unprotected stray,
The twisted shadows convulse and mutter as the wind whispers and sighs
Her only companion a faded umbrella, abandoned and thrown away
Nothing holds her to the world, neither dead love nor broken ties.

Images flash through her mind of a time when she was gay,
The love she risked everything for had just been a guise
A glimpse of color, their initials etched into clay,
He knew that deception was something she could not surmise

She was too trusting and did not think he would betray.
When it became too late to regret, too late to be wise,
She still believed, and for happiness she would pray
Then it went from gray to black, she finally saw through his disguise

She thought until the very end that they could stay together anyway
But she began to break down, began to despise
Then she left him before he could see the tears in her blue eyes
And she lost her happiness in the song of the blue-jay

One by one, the lies unraveled, and it became hard for her to stay
Lost was the sunlight, gone was the blue from the skies
Her family abandoned her, saying she simply ran away
All alone in the world, her cruel demise

She had been happy, the caged bird with a fake bouquet
Now she was an outcast, with neither friends nor allies
Just a lonesome figure waiting endlessly on a rainy day
Hopelessly staring into the forest mist, with dark and empty eyes.

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