Free as a Bird

May 30, 2010
By Anonymous

And she cries herself to sleep at night,
But she'd never let you know.
She'll never let it show,
How much it hurts to see you go.

And it's hard because she loves you,
So she wants to see you shine,
Like the sun up in the sky,
Or the stars out in the night.

Old smiles bring new tears,
Which just won't go away.
They haunt her through each day,
In her memory they stay.

And she feels so alone,
But she'd never let you know.
Like a bird, she'll set you free,
Although it hurts to let you go.

The author's comments:
It's really just about being strong enough to let go of that nostalgia for the past. It's like that quote, "If you love something, set it free..." But **** it hurts when that thing doesn't come back.

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on Jul. 26 2010 at 11:28 pm
nickykens ELITE, Draper, Utah
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This is fantastic!  Good job!  The first four lines are my favorite, but it's all good.

on Jul. 19 2010 at 5:57 pm
MustangWriter1813 PLATINUM, Crooks, South Dakota
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Favorite Quote:
" No one can told you back besides yourself " MaKayla Claymore class of 2013

This was so amazing! Full of feelings! Brilliant!

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