Face's Blending

June 4, 2010
So the days go by
Monotonous with the same old crowd
The people don't change
The colors,they bleed away
Everything; it's turning gray.
Because in the ballad are no new notes
No new branches of a lullaby
To make the days easier to bare.

Another one gone,
I couldn't tell you the name
Or the reason we were friends
Because, you see, they've all become interchangeable
They're people, you cry,different in many ways
But, I confess, they just won't do
I see no difference today.
Maybe tomorrow the haze will clear away.

Yet tomorrow has come and still I see the faces are blending away
These people they bore me and no matter what you say
It will always be that way.
I'm sorry to say that:
The people are boring my life to ruins.
Their all the same,
No difference
No shame
Just blank face's staring away.

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