Why Must I Watch?

May 29, 2010
By Krissy Green, Waverly, OH

Photo credit: Terran E., Slidell, LA

Author's comments about this article:
this is to my father....but i have never gave it to him... Why must i stand here

and watch you die?

You tell me that

i shouldnt be sad.

"Dont cry my little girl."

You always told me.

But how can i

Stand here and watch you die?

You mean the world to me,

But i dont think you know it.

Your in a hospital bed

with pills in hand.

I stand there watching

as you fight for air.

"Dont cry my little girl."

You fight to say.

But how can i not cry,

When my father is dying?

Fighting just for one breath at a time,

But why must i watch?

The author's comments:
This is for my Father but i never gave him it...

P.S i already posted this but i posted it Anonymously an i didnt mean to so here it is again! :)

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