May 28, 2010
By Victoria Yi BRONZE, Hicksville, New York
Victoria Yi BRONZE, Hicksville, New York
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You walk among the living.
You’ll lie beside the dead.
Why is life so fleeting?
Don’t stop, just look ahead.

Memories last a lifetime.
A lifetime lasts for years.
Death is your final embrace.
Don’t shed your precious tears.

When you breathe your last farewell,
you’ll never be alone again.
He’ll spirit you away, not a moment before.
“Death will come, wait until then.”

Your body will wither,
past memories…nevermore.
The “ominous” Grim Reaper,
will open the door.

The reaper is only a messenger,
guiding through a whispered voice.
He’ll bring you where you need to be,
the destination isn’t his choice.

“Come away with me,
in this world you will fade.
Judgment will decide,
(not I) so don’t be afraid.”

Through the marble door,
it’s time for you to decide.
Your fate is not inevitable,
you can run but you shouldn’t hide.

Will you walk among the living;
a new being, reborn once more.
Or will you choose to try again;
a passing judgment beyond the door.

As you live you’ll tip the scales,
you can't delay the reaper’s flight.
Choose well, your life is your own,
to obtain your wings of purest white.

The author's comments:
I tend to think about death a lot. Not in a depressing "I hate my life" sort of way but rather the mystery of what will happen next. I hope people understand:

There are no second chances, only a second choice.

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