The pact

May 30, 2010
By Anonymous

The chant of the occultists was ominous upon the candle light
The full moon was a swirling white globe in the night
The priestess’ face was a ghastly mask painted black, red, and white
And she came in walking
Walking- walking
The might of the devil propelled her towards the bloody altar
Lights flashed off and on her like a shooting star

She wore a long flowing black robe
Blinding red earrings swung from her earlobes
And her horrific face, painted black as midnight
With devilish red horns displaying her might
And white streaks lining her grotesque lips
As she prepared to complete her service to her cruel lordship

Over her head she raised the blood-stained knife
Preparing to end the innocent life
She raised her head to the sky and screamed a wish
The deed was finished, and the applause began
It began slowly, until it reached every man

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