Just, Please Stop.

May 20, 2010
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Just please stop. Please stop slipping.
Please stop. Just Please stop sliding.
Just please stop. Stop blowing off my hand as it rests next to yours.
How it invisibly intertwines while all it does is burn.
Waiting softly for your touch, but all you do is
Slip and slide from the gaps that are supposed to be for you.

Please stop. Just stop making me love you for no good reason.
How it is invisibly melts the tension while all I do is freeze.
Waiting distinctly for your smile, but all I find is your
slips and slides through the cracks of my heart that you are supposed to mend.

Please stop. Just please stop leaving me to where you want to be.
How it invisibly tears the floor to hell while all it does is really stay motionless.
Waiting for your footsteps to stop and move my way, but all I do is loose track
As you slip and slide away, too quickly for me to continue the count of squeaks.

Please stop. Just stop making up excuses for your misbehavior.
How it invisibly stays along with your rhythm to life while all it does is stop our song.
Waiting longingly for an apology, but all I see you do is
Slip and slide back to one of my true best friends.

I have given you many of reasons why so you wouldn’t have to ask.
You could just listen.
For future reference,
I would not slipping and sliding.

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