May 15, 2010
By gemmmmma GOLD, Leopold, Other
gemmmmma GOLD, Leopold, Other
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make sure you live before you die.

All clogged up with tan
Hair glued in a huge bun
We’ve worked hard all year
But we’ve really had some fun

Once the whole team’s arrived
We line up for the gaga look
Costumes on, outside for a practice,
Then we read out the homework book

Standing side stage
Hoping that we don’t forget
Sweaty palms, butterfly tummies
Stuck-up face on, now we’re all set

We hear the bell ring
We step to the white line
Lip sinking to each other
So our performance is sublime

We get off stage
Huge smiles from ear to ear
Re-telling our little stuff ups
Our team won’t shed a tear

An announcement is heard
As we change into our clubs outfit
We stop and cross our fingers
Hoping to win it

We scream and jump up and down
When we hear we got a good place
I reckon you’d be able to hear us
From outer space…

We stretch, point, smile and smirk
Neck and neck the whole day through
We should have worked harder
The aggregate had come down to review

Mums sit in the audience
While her daughter is getting a talk
One the team’s heard
A million times before

We jump, we split,
Cheesy smiles until our cheeks are aching
Heads up, toes down
If you stuff up, keep on faking

When we come off
We’re jumping up and down
Our coaches tell us to shush,
Don’t make a sound

We get into our uniform
Have our last photo done
And head into the audience
Hoping that we’ve won

We’re sitting in a row
As they read out the results
It comes to the last two places
Split by half a point

She blabs on and on
About the things which split us apart
We don’t really care…
Just get to the winning part!

As she announced second place
We gave a huge cheer
So excited that our work payed off
Bring on next year!!!

We clean up the lolly packets,
Stuff our gear in the car
Head off to maccas
Best reward food by far

Our team has once again won
What seemed to be a mission
We’re all nervous for next season
We’ll be up another division

It’s like a second family
We all share a passion, a sport
So happy I’m now with these girls
I’ve had more fun than I ever thought!!!

The author's comments:
OG cala girls are amazing :)

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