No Words

May 14, 2010
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There are no words left to describe how I feel,
Or to explain the pain which I try to conceal
Nothing I say can make people understand
That I need more than just a helping hand
A pain so deep, so hard, so true
Could not have been caused by anyone but you

I had entrusted you to protect my heart and soul
Because I knew that you loved me as a whole
No words can explain how my heart is in pain
The hardest part is that you’re not the only one to blame
I too am responsible for all the tears I have cried
For I am the one who brushed my feelings aside
If only I had to myself been true
Things would be different, that I promise you

There are no words to tell you how much it stings
Or how much pain the sight of you brings
No words can describe how I feel inside
Or how strong the need is to run and hide
No words exist that would equal the extreme
Of how I wish to wake up and have this be a dream

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