Friend or Foe?

May 11, 2010
You think you know me, but you don't
You promise me things, then you won't
You think we're great friends, but we're not
I'm merely someone you forgot

Some think I have a heart of gold
I've heard you think it's hard and cold
For my furture I have simple dreams
Not lying and cheating, or made-up schemes

I've been a good friend to you
A shoulder to cry on when your broken and blue
There's two sides to your face
One for your friends and one to put me in my place

Sometimes when I get upset and cry
You pretend not to see or even ask me why
I know the sun will come up again
And down the road you'll still think we're friends

You and me are like day and night
One day we're okay and then the next we fight
When people laugh and talk their smack
You're always there to stab me in the back

Then again, when you want to be friends
It's the same old thing with us, it never ends
I don't think you know what a friendship costs
Because a great friend in me, you have lost

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