When one is born, one will Die

May 11, 2010
The world is spinning faster now,
How is it we don't fall?
The universe, vast and wide,
In comparison, we are Small.

So why do we act as though in life
This world is ours to rule?
We think we are such godly creatures,
But to each other, we are cruel.

The sun sets everyday
our souls are dying too.
Along with the moon and stars
Lay our mistakes; which we've quite a few.

And as we watch them glow above
We realize why they shine.
A guiding light to escape the lies
You see, they are a sign.

They tell the story of our kind,
Of all the words we've used.
The bombs we've dropped and dreams we've killed,
Of The lonely and abused.

The people who have gone too soon
And their families that grieve.
Others have been killed inside
And only wish to leave.

The stars, there from the beginning,
They watched as we evolved.
Reflecting the poison in our mind,
The puzzles left unsolved.

They miss no detail nor idealize,
It's there in black and white.
Never accepting differences,
Encouraging us to fight.

The starving scream, the homeless weep
As some laugh, others cry
This vicious cycle we are in,
When one is born, one will die.

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