A Year Without You

May 12, 2010
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December brought you leaving,
along with the cold air.
January brought my tears,
and the weight of heavy stares
February came and went like that
yet i'm still in denial.
March got me thinking of our first kiss
which brought me my first smile.
April brought the roses
and along with them, the rain
I sit calmly here with May by my side
wondering if i'll ever see you again.
In June i thought of the day we met
and the day you went away
July i got quite angry
I hated you more each day.
In August i started to get myself by
though the bed beside me still lonely
September; it's been so long
since i've considered you my one and only.
October, now it's been 10 months
but i don't shed a tear,
November i throw out you're gifts
im getting used to not having you here.
December you walk in the door
like everything is yours
and with just a wink you've cured
all my hearts bruising sores.
You kiss my lips and now im sure
that you're love for me is true
and i wonder how i ever spent
a whole yearning year without you.

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maddieeeee said...
Jun. 6, 2010 at 9:43 pm
this is nice. i like it.
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