May 11, 2010
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Stuck at a table
With a girl who won't dance
A blue v-neck top
My phone in my pants
I stare onto the dance floor
Like I’m in a trance
"C’mon" I say to her
"Let's go dance"

We moved onto the dance floor
We did the cha-cha-slide
Bodies turning in a people sea
How our feet did glide
Hop, stomp, turn it out
And move it to the side,
Oh how I learned to love to dance
The dance the cha-cha-slide

Flustered just a little
And looking all around
Guys dancing up on girls
Girls hands on the ground
I looked and looked
Until I finally found
A guy for me to dance with
To twirl me around

The music filled my head
My hips felt the beat
Bodies pressed up close
Creating body heat
Hips swaying hard and quick
Firmly planted feet
His hands lightly on my thighs
Tapping to the beat

What a rush it was
To hard to explain
Bodies pushed in a line
Dancing so insane
Mind numbing, the music
Like hard falling rain
How could I dance like this?
I just cannot explain.

Slowly people started to leave
The crowd began to thin
I had no one to dance with
Until I saw him
Behind the DJ booth
Where he'd always been
His hair array, khaki pants
The space between us thin

Nervous though I was
I tried to be strong
I asked him for a dance
For the next song
He smiled and nodded
And together we joined the throng
His body up against mine
His hands on mine so strong

Minutes later the song ended
I let out a little sigh
But his hands didn't release me
They stayed tight on my thighs
A smile spread across my face
He wasn't saying goodbye
I kept dancing to the beat
Letting out a content sigh

For another hour and half
The party wore on
My friend was trued
She hid a small yawn
But I wasn't at all ready
For my boy to be gone
The white lights were off
And the strobe lights were on

The night came to a close
Such a sad sight to see
Slowly walking over
He came to dance with me
Yet again for that night
Was there best there could ever be
He was the best dancer
And all that I could see

A last minute hug
A quick last minute dance
There I was blue v-neck top
My phone in my jean pants
I walked away slowly
Stealing a quick glance
Finally I knew
I could really dance

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