May 12, 2010
By AlisonRios BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
AlisonRios BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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We are people of this world, each individual different, but still the same.
They make fun of us, so…we make fun of them. Who’s to blame?
Equal we are; one.
Some rich, some poor, some greedy, some nice, some unique, and some odd.
One people, one voice, one love, one life, one nation under God.
Equal we are; one.
No negative words that come out of our mouths shall prosper, but vanish in the midst of our feet.
We are one people. Therefore, we shall stand in unity and victory over defeat!
Equal we are; one.
We are one voice. Therefore, we shall bless each other with uplifting praises, instead of provokes, curses, and shame.
We are one love. So people, get up, wake up, and start loving your brothers, sisters, and portray love to everyone the same.
Equal we are; one.
We are one life. All of us were given life, equal, and no greater.
And for that, we shall thank no one but our Creator.
Equal we are; one.
It is people’s hearts whom are filled with hatred and discrimination.
It is us who have the choice to be one in this God-giving, miraculous creation.
Equal we are; one.
So listen up! You have the choice to be the change in this earth.
It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you came from, how you look, or what people think you’re worth.
The only thing that you shall live by isn’t who you were yesterday, but today and tomorrow, who you will become.
Equal you are to everyone in this world; one.

The author's comments:
I stand for unity. God is love.

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