The Lantern Keeper

May 10, 2010
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The floors creak as I walk on light toes
Down to the porch on the level below
The planks stand just as they did before
You left us and set our family at war
With raging thoughts of blame and guilt
Instead of love on which families are built
But now is not a time for such thoughts
Of all the dissonance you have brought
Instead I’ll wait in silent dreams
A single lantern throws narrow beams
Of light, of hope that you will return
Hope pours out of the flames that burn
I carved your name into the soft wood
As I imagined the sister I never could
Understand, love, or even see
You left our family when I was three
Even so, I’ll wait for you
And hope my love is pure and true
So maybe you’ll feel it and maybe you’ll know
That your baby sister has had time to grow
And that she wants you in her life
Before she goes to be some man’s wife
I love you, the sister that I have lost
I’ll pass every test and pay every cost
If you’ll only come home, lead by the light
From the lantern above on this black night

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