Waiting Under the Willow Tree

May 8, 2010
The wind was blowing hard, her long hair was tangled, and the tears were staining her face.
Sitting in the silence, waiting for an answer, she observed the familiar place.
Tall trees were here and there, & strange flowers that were late in their bloom
Dark clouds engulfed the night, surely a sign that it would rain soon.
All alone, patiently waiting to hear a word or two
Sitting on the bench, there was little that she could do.
“Who she was waiting for”, a stupid question to ponder
She just wanted someone to talk to, when she decided to wander.
And here is where she landed, one of her favorite places to hide
A meeting place she ran to, whenever she felt lonely inside.
Deep down she knew that someone would meet her there
Deep down she knew, that someone did care.
As the night wore on, she remained alone in her company
Then the rain started to pick up, ever so gently
She whispered a prayer, knowing that God would hear
She told him her concerns, her thoughts, and her fears
And whence the lightening stroke, she could tell it was his reply
Barely able to crack a smile, she knew that he was nearby.
She felt his presence there with her, what more could she ask for
Knowing that God was always with her, she couldn’t ask for anything more
But then another stroke of lightening pierced the atmosphere
And when she looked up, someone else came walking near.
A tall silhouette, someone else who knew where she loved to run away
Yes it must have been someone else who knew where her heart did lay.
Now who would know that she would be there, on the bench under the willow tree?
Who else would know where to find me?

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Aidens_Em said...
Aug. 25, 2010 at 11:56 pm

yay i love this one too. might do a knock-off of it, we'll see. i'll post it if i do - i think aiden needs one like this.

beautiful imagery, sare.

sarahbellum87 said...
May 30, 2010 at 1:07 pm

Thnx, its about a yr old, so im no longer w/ the guy i wrote it for =/ i dont think i ever showed him this...

Yeah of course i'll check ur stuff. thnx for checking mine!!! =)

*StandardToaster* said...
May 29, 2010 at 11:51 pm
this is simply brilliant. i don't have any words to describe how perfect this is.  check out some of my work?
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