Fly Fly

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

I asked a bird if I could fly
He said I don’t know but you sure can try
I asked the bird what it would take
He said bones and a willingness that won’t break
I asked the bird how he had learned
He said the wings I was born with you’d have to earn
I asked the bird how long it took
He said for him it was just one little look
I asked the bird if there was a quicker way
He said there is but that I would have to pay
I told the bird that I don’t care
He said the caution I need is in the bravery I bare
I told the bird I don’t understand
He said and you won’t until on the ground you land
I walked along the cliff and looked over the edge
Don’t worry just trust yourself you’re invincible he said
I told the bird that I don’t know
He said it’ll be fun just breath and go
So I took a small step and then a leap
And landed on the ground in a bloody heap

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